Digital Content Creator

I have been interested in photography since I was a young boy. It intrigued me how someone could take something so seemingly normal in this world and make it look so exquisite. I started shooting when I was about twelve years old and haven’t stopped since. Anything and everything that caught my eye, I would snap a picture of. My quality of camera ranged from a 2-megapixel cell phone camera to my sister’s fancy Nikon. But to me it was more about what I was shooting instead of the quality of the camera I held in my hands. After studying photography at university, I believe that my eye became much more intentional. Now I focus more on how I am shooting and certain details of what I am shooting that I wouldn’t even think of before. I don’t just think that something would look good in a picture, I think of WHY it would look good in a picture. I incorporated ideas of texture, focus, the relationship between foreground and background, the rule of thirds, the use of lines, and more creative portrayals of the people and subjects of my photographs.